Lindsworth vs Brades Lodge School Basketball

Lindsworth Lions 1st basketball friendly of 2024 was played on, Thursday 25th January,  against The Brades Lodge, away at the Wednesbury Leisure Centre.

In a break from the norm to our usual fixtures, basketball gave a chance for other pupils in the school community to showcase their talents and shine in an activity which doesn’t always favour the footballers. The Lions had faced the team before in a friendly last year, winning very decisively by quite a margin. Both teams have also met numerous times in football fixtures and other tournaments. Yesterday also served as a great opportunity for our GCSE PE students to get together and practice in competitive situations in strange surroundings, the skills they have been learning about and trying to develop ahead of their practical moderation, as well as game time to help fill in their competitive logs.

Both teams had eagerly anticipated the fixture after last time had been such a roaring success for Lindsworth and Brades desperate to avenge the previous loss. Although the game this time was much closer that the scoreline from the last match you could feel this one was going to be different right from the tip off. Brades came in with much more confidence this time and both team went at it (like all friendly rivalries should) getting stuck in and scoring more than 10 baskets between them in the first 5 minutes. The game settled just before the end of the 1st quarter when unfortunately after “sinking a 3” Lindsworth had to retire Dan P one of their most promising stars due to a recurring back injury.

Overall the pupils did extremely well to not let this affect them, leading the 2n quarter as well without him. Brades did not make it easy for them though and every basket Lindsworth scored was answered by a return from Brades. With an array of skills on display and a couple of immense 3-point shots scored to level the game on 2/3 occasions Brades fought valiantly to try and win. But they were no match for Lindsworth who kept chipping away at the scoreboard with 2s from layups and rebounds. The team worked hard in defence to limit the options and chances of their opponent, but they would have done even better if they had been more clinical to finish the amount of shots they had with clear points scored. We could easily have doubled our scoring tally had the shots gone in.

Despite everything the Lions were able to dominate the last quarter and maintain the lead throughout, winning 37-30 overall. With a vow from the team to start attending training and work on defensive rebounds, offensive running lines, punishing mistakes and bringing more “hustle” to fast breaks and offensive rebounds, the Lions look set to ready themselves for the toughest challenge yet. In March, they will be attending a basketball event against mainstream schools, in a Lindsworth first. This offers an exciting opportunity for future involvement and another level of competition. With all that to play for, we wish them good luck and long may the Lindsworth Basketball team successes continue. Watch this space.