To supply, embed, consolidate and understand key mathematical skills and concepts that will enable our pupils to progress throughout the curriculum and achieve a functional level of mathematics. 

This underpinning knowledge will allow them to operate in wider society and grant them access to develop a key understanding of the world, the place of maths within it and the ability to understand the use of numbers, statistics and maths more generally in our reflections upon our wider social spheres, global developments and societal changes.


The purpose of the maths programme of study at Key Stage 4 is to build upon and develop our work in Key Stage 3 regarding our pupils understanding of maths in its wider context as a means of accessing and understanding the world and their place in it. 

Beyond this we are focussing more on financial skills and practical applications of maths in daily life and allowing them through the GCSE and Entry Level programmes of study to access routes to further education and employment opportunities.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

In terms of extra-curricular opportunities, the school run a number of STEM trips throughout the full course of both KS3 and KS4; such as: Bletchley Park, The Space Centre, Money wise, careers events and STEM fairs.

In addition we also offer various online platforms designed to support and enhance self-study such as: Mathletics, Numeracy Ninja, Mymaths, and run a robust intervention programme that is fluid in its application to individual needs.