In Years 7, 8 and 9 the Computing curriculum is designed to develop computational thinking and creativity with cross circular links to Design and Technology, Mathematics, Science and ICT.


Unit 1: Understanding ICT Single Award 20%; Short Course 40% External Assessment: 1½ hours

Unit 2: Solving Problems with ICT Single Award 30%; Short Course 60% Controlled Assessment: 22½ hours

Unit 3: ICT in Organisations Single Award 20% External Assessment: 1½ hours

Unit 4: Developing Multimedia ICT Solutions Single Award 30% Controlled Assessment: 22½ hours

ICT is taught as an option choice at KS4 in Year 9 and there are 3 Units covered including an external exam. Pupils get an opportunity to link the use of ICT for businesses as well as create their own interactive multimedia product, digital imagery and understand how computer systems work.

In ICT lessons, pupils will develop and apply their technical skills and techniques such as problem solving, analysis and presentation skills