Art, Craft & Design at Key Stage 3

We aim to develop over time during KS3 a number of areas:

• To be able to creatively express ideas and experiences

• To be able to analyse and select appropriately the work of different artists and from different cultures and make connections to their own work.

• To be able to experiment with a range of media, techniques and processes relevant to intentions

• To be able to organise and develop ideas relevant to given themes and own intentions

• To be able to produce skilful final outcomes

The curriculum is planned to develop the key skills, knowledge and techniques to make the necessary progress towards KS4. We aim to make our key stage 3 programme of study exciting and original and this will impact significantly to make GCSE options more popular and the creative industry more attractive as a career choice.

Art Craft and Design KS3 is a three-year programme of study and is implemented from the national curriculum guidelines. It is delivered by specialist teachers. Our curriculum is reviewed every year and adapted to meet the needs of our pupils and reflect the strengths of the staff delivering the curriculum. Changes are implemented throughout the year when they are needed.

Arts Award Bronze Level 1 qualification

We deliver the Arts Award Level 1 qualification. We start the delivery of the award at the start of year 8 and we would expect some pupils to complete this by the end of year 8. Pupils who complete most of the award by the end of year 8 will have the opportunity to complete this fully in year 9. We aspire to ensure all pupils are given the opportunity to gain an art qualification in Key Stage 3.

Art, Craft & Design at KS4

GCSE Option

GCSE Art is structured into two parts: portfolio 60% and externally set task 40%

GCSE Art will run as either a one-year (7 lessons a week) OR two-year (4 lessons a week) course.

The portfolio begins in year 10, pupils produce work and develop more ideas in response to a set theme. Pupils are given more personal choice (if they have shown the ability to work with independence), using their previous experience of materials to select what they want to produce in response to the theme.

The externally set task is the exam title set by the exam board. Pupils have a given length of time to research, develop ideas and experiment with materials to produce a personal piece of work from one of the given starting points.

At the end of the GCSE course we showcase our pupils work through exhibiting final pieces at the Birmingham School of Art, alongside other schools within Birmingham. This allows us to showcase the diverse talents within our school and celebrate our success with pupils, family and friends.

OCR Entry Level 1,2 & 3 Art and Design

This year we will be giving pupils the opportunity to gain a qualification at entry level in art and design depending on their ability.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

Art club during lunchtime Is available during different times of the year.


Silver Artsmark

Lindsworth School has been awarded the prestigious Arts Council England Artsmark Silver Award for the first time, in November 2019. Managed by Arts Council England, Artsmark is a national award scheme which recognises schools with a high provision in the arts. The scheme encourages schools to consider the opportunities they offer within the Arts. By gaining an Artsmark, a school shows its commitment to the wider development of young people and teachers and to raising the profile of the arts in the school and the local community.

We are delighted that the Arts Council continues to recognise Lindsworth School’s stimulating and exciting arts curriculum. Our Statement of Commitment and follow up Case Study/Statement of Impact was worthy of a Silver Award for a number of reasons.

The Arts Council’s comments were as follows:

 “Congratulations on a positive start to your Artsmark journey! Lindsworth School is steadily increasing the emphasis on arts and culture, and engaging with the Arts is clearly having tangible results on pupils, and wider staff teaching and learning. Projects with the Crafts Council around metalwork have fostered really positive outcomes in terms of pupil behaviour, concentration and attainment. This has led to an increase in uptake of arts-based subjects and requests for more coming through pupil voice activities. It is really good to hear about KS3 doing Arts Award. Working alongside artists from the Crafts Council has also supported staff development too. As you have seen the impact one, limited programme can have, what would happen if you increased this for the future? Staff confidence has been further been raised by internal CPD support from the specialist art teacher, and the newly employed art technician.”

 As part of progressing our Artsmark journey into GOLD we have been advised to,

 “continue to develop your curriculum, it will be important to build strong, long term relationships with arts and cultural partners who could work directly with pupils, but also provide CPD for all staff, and help staff plan to embed authentic artistic experiences throughout the curriculum. Pupils are visiting arts venues and having arts and cultural experiences in school, but working jointly with arts organisations on staff CPD, and in planning and developing the curriculum together will foster the strongest results in terms of relationships and pupil outcomes. Investigating local Artsmark Partners might help with this. To gather the momentum for this and embed the Arts strategically within the school, SLT may wish to consider co-opting a governor from an arts organisation.”

Staying on our Artsmark journey will help us explore new objectives and further enhance our arts and cultural provision. It will equip pupils with the cultural capital they need to succeed in life and nurture their imagination and creativity through a high-quality arts and cultural education.

It is our aim to continue to develop our arts provision and extend the effects and influence of our Artsmark engagement further through activities, experiences and CPD that benefit both pupils and teachers in tangible ways. Furthermore, as we reflect on our practice over time and cement our partnerships with arts organisations and other providers we aim to develop the school’s capacity to champion this approach to education and share our experiences more widely.

The Artsmark Award demonstrates Lindsworth School’s strong commitment to the arts. It also acknowledges the importance of students given the opportunity to gain a qualification for the arts at key stage 3. The arts are very important to us at Lindsworth School and we shall continue to work within the Artsmark scheme to help us develop our provision further.