Welcome to KS2

At Lindsworth School, our aim as a KS2 team is to deliver a high quality curriculum that allows learners to both enjoy and achieve. Our key goals include:

  • A safe and positive learning environment where pupils feel secure in being able to express themselves.
  • A learning environment that promotes respect, tolerance and equality.
  • Developing social skills through a range of different experiences.
  • Achieving successful outcomes based on the individual needs of our pupils.
  • For pupils to be proud of both their own achievements and those of others.

In 2020-21, KS2 have achieved these goals. Pupils have flourished under our ethos; developing their social skills and confidence through appropriate challenges in lessons, positive promotion of respect and tolerance in school and opportunities for enrichment activities outside of school, including sledging, horse riding and water sports.


In KS2, our thematic cross curricular approach provides different challenges and learning opportunities for our pupils. Learning is interlinked, encouraging pupils to learn and apply different skills across a range of lessons and tasks. Our pupils also have the opportunity to take part in an educational trip each half term for each topic.

Below are our curriculum themes for 2021-22: 

What you can do to help at home

Reading: It is vitally important that our pupils are reading as much as possible. Reading diaries will be sent home to encourage pupils to read and log the amount of time they have spent on this. An encouraging ear for this is so important. Further reading interventions that can be accessed at home include Bug Club; an online resource to support development of reading and spelling. Each week, pupils will be sent home with key spelling words for their age group; it is vital they practise these so that they can be successful in class!

Maths: As a school, we have access to multiple online platforms that allow learners to develop all aspects of their numeracy skills, including My Maths, Manga Maths and Times Tables Rockstars. Using these at home can only help your child progress further in Maths.

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At Home







Lindsworth School KS2 
Mixed year 5/6 
Long Term Planning 2021 - 2022
Year 5/6 Autum 1 Autum 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Topic  Hola Mexico Fallen Fields Blood and Heart Water Horse Off with her Head Scream Machine
Entry point  Culture Workshop Museum in A Box Think Tank trip  Visit to local butterfly farm / Nature centre (Cannon Hill) talk on insects   Visit to Manor House – Bournville Visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park Forces workshop and Park
Exit point  Mexican Cafe Shadow Puppet Theatre Dissecting a heart / Creating mechanical books SATS Life in Tudor Times film – Green Screen Visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park Forces workshop and Park
Text Film ‘Coco’ ‘Where the Poppies Grow’  Hillary Robinson ‘The day the Crayons Quit’ Drew Daywalt Water Horse  Terrible Tudors
Tudor History
A Shocker on Shock Street (Goosebumps)
English Recount Film review of Coco Story Narrative Non-Chronological report
Explanation text - How the body work
Letters, discussion text
SATs preparation Reading comprehension and analysis of text / inference Recount facts files Newspaper article Discussion or balanced argument Debating / Discussion text linked to online content
Grammar  Capital letters 
Full stop 
Verb, Noun and Adjective 
Proper nouns Figurative language 
Main Clause Independent clause 
Relative clause 
Relative pronoun Parenthesis
Parenthesis (dashes, commas and brackets) Semi colons 
Modal verbs 
Words and phrases to build cohesion
Passive voice 
Noun phrases Determiners 
Words or phrases to build cohesion 
Homophones and near homophones 
Suffix and Prefix Passive and active voice Perfect form of verbs Sentence subject and object
Verbs in the perfect form 
Passive and active voice
Synonyms and antonyms 
Suffixes Prefixes Subjunctive in passive sentences (eg If I were, Were they to…) 
Simple past and simple present 
Maths Place value 
Number – addition, subtraction, division and multiplication 
Geometry position and direction
Measurement: perimeter and area Ratio Statistics 
Geometry: Properties of shape 
Geometry: Position and Direction Measurement – converting units Recapping areas of learning – Gaps 
Science Living things and their habitats Properties and changes in material Animals, including humans 
Instructions and Procedures links to writing
Light Electricity Medieval manoeuvres
Topic Geography 
Amazing Americas 
Locational knowledge- counties and cities in the UK 
Human and physical – developing a new world  
WW1 Time lines 
Comparing life then and now
D & T 
Mechanical books 
Place knowledge 
Sketch maps 
Local geography
Tudor history 
Crimes and punishment
Life then and now
Future technologies Programming – Fairground 
Art Observational drawing and shading skills – Science  Art lunchtime club 
Clay modelling Arts/craft 
Poppies Xmas globes
Arts Award Arts Award Arts Award 
Tudor portrait artists
Arts Award
Design Technology Cooking
Mexican cooking
Pancakes – Rationing 
Breakfast Cakes 
Christmas Baking 
Create an interactive book using levers 
Pop up features Sensory objects 
The Day My Body Quit
Art Award 
Music Christmas Carols  Changra Music  Changra Music 
PE Basketball Tennis Football Dodgeball Striking and fielding Striking and fielding
RE People of Faith  Christianity  Pilgrimages 
Links to geography
Buddhism Food and Fasting  The Bible
PSHE Digital Well-being  Diverse Britain  It’s My Body  Money Matters  Be Yourself  Growing up 
Loud Mouth Education Theatre 
ICT (use of laptop trolleys) Spreadsheets Desktop Publishing  Photo editing  Computer systems  Video editing  Programming 
Enrichment  Yoga 
Footy Bugs 
Circle time 
Lunch time Footy Bugs 
Ski lesson 
Trampoline park 
Christmasmas Trip Snowdome 
Lunch time Footy Bugs
Rock climbing 
Lunch time Footy Bugs
Horse riding 
Lunch time Footy Bugs 
Llama walk 
Lunch time Footy Bugs 
Lunch time Footy Bugs 
Educational visits Lego Discovery Museum in a Box Think Tank Yr5 & Yr6 residential 
Manor Hall 
Drayton Manor 

In our KS2 unit we believe strongly about starting interventions as soon as possible so that the young people can learn about self-regulation, self-confidence, anger management, social skills and much more. 

All pupils in KS2 participate in weekly circle time and social skills, anger management, Forest School therapy and celebration assemblies.  We also offer individualised interventions such as mentoring, self-esteem, art therapy, Malachi mentoring and anger management. 

In KS2 we offer a varied enrichment programme. Our aim is to help our young people build resilience, social skills and social awareness, as well as learning new skills and strategies to help self-regulate all whilst having fun and new experiences. 

Our enrichment programme includes 



Forest School

Horse riding and therapy

Rock climbing




A big aim of ours in KS2 is to recognise gaps in the young people’s learning history and build bridges to support that. Many of the pupils joining us have gaps in their educational knowledge and their curriculum knowledge, particularly in key skills. We run daily interventions to support this using Froggy Maths, Rapid Reader and Rapid Phonics as well as differentiated learning, interventions and support.