WJEC examination board

Controlled assessment
1: Exploring a film of the candidate’s choice – two tasks (30 marks)
An exploration of a film of a candidate’s choice consisting of (i) industry research (350-500 words) and (ii) a micro analysis of a short extract from the film (350 – 750 words).
2: Production – four tasks (70 marks) Candidates create (i) a pitch for an imaginary film (approximately 150 words), use the created pitch to form the basis of (ii) a preproduction (chosen from a list of options) and (iii) a final production (chosen from a list of options). They then complete (iv) a brief evaluative analysis of the final production.


Paper 1: Exploring Film 30% (1 hr 30 minutes)
Four questions. which will  assess knowledge and understanding of film language and key industry and audience issues. 

Paper 2: Exploring Film outside Hollywood 20% (1 hour) Three compulsory questions will be based on:
• characters, narratives, themes and issues in the film chosen
• the way people, places, events and issues are represented in the film and
• a creative question involving individual responses to the film (e.g., reviews, blogs, website entries).