Lindsworth School is a Special School with residential provision, which is available during the week days during term time.  Pupils join us when they, their parents and professionals working closely with them feel that residence would improve their ability to learn.

Our residential provision is based in Steven Sutton House and we are able to accommodate up to 12 pupils a night. Each resident has their own bedroom with en-suite bathroom.  The residents are cared for by a dedicated, experienced and skilled team of residential staff many of whom also support our pupils during the school day.

We operate a flexible arrangement with parents, with pupils staying with us for between one and four nights a week.  We like the residents to try and make their bedrooms feel like a home away from home, so encourage them to personalise them with posters or photos, drawings or work from school.

It is recognised through residency that children are able to be with their friends, participate in exciting and enriching activities, develop their life skills and grow in confidence and self-esteem. Additionally residency can have a positive impact on the pupils learning and academic outcomes

We regularly have students asking to stay in residence because they recognise it as a great opportunity for positive social relationships and ordinary aspects of childhood which may have been difficult for them before.

We work closely with parents and carers to achieve the best possible outcomes for the young people we look after, and with this in mind, residential staff will always keep in close contact with parents/carers and regularly update them on their child's progress.


We have a floodlit MUGA on site and most evenings the boys go out for a game of football to start the evening off.   In the school gym we play football and use the fitness suite.

We have lots of board games and art materials if the pupils want to stay indoors or the weather is bad. We cook together, encouraging them to make their own tea and we teach them about healthy eating and living.

We have a number of PC’s connected to the school's filtered internet and the boys have access to PlayStations and an X Box with a choice of age-appropriate games which they can play on.  During a half term, there are trips to the cinema, bowling, shopping and sometimes meals out. 

We offer homework clubs incorporating GCSE course work to the pupils on two evenings each week.