The Fifth fixture of the 2019-2020 Season, but first game of the New Year occurred on Monday 20th January 2020: against The Forge, at Home.

This time the team consisted mainly of year 11s who had been eager to play since the start of the season but had been unable to due to work commitments. The boys were excited for the game and the fixture went ahead as planned with an 11am K.O.

Lindsworth lost the coin toss and the opposition decided they wanted to kick off. The change in squad did not lead to a change in the current standard of Lindsworth games for the lions to score the first goal. There was another goal scored by their opponents soon after in retaliation. Lindsworth then took the lead after about 10 minutes of the first half, before conceding another two goals through unforced errors by half time.

The manager had a brief but direct discussion with the Lions at half time and told them to step their game up as they were not being themselves, did not appear to be enjoying it and were not giving a true account of themselves to their opposition. This spurred them into a completely different team in the second half as they went on to score another seven goals, meaning the final score was 9-3. Goal of the game came from substitute D. WS who had sat the first half out, with the plan of saving him for the second half when people were getting tired. He did not disappoint, a graceful touch round his defender and an immaculate strike into the “top bin” (corner)  before ending the game on another goal off his butt cheek, before Year 7 wonder boy J. T stepped up and sealed the game with a nutmeg to the keeper for the final goal.

The final goal tally was:

  • T. G x 4,
  • D. P x 1,
  • J. C x 1,
  • D. WS x 2,
  • J. T x 1,

This gave the Lions a final result of Lindsworth 9 vs The Forge 3.

Squad of the day: T. G (Captain), F. W, D. W (GK), J. T, D. B, C. G, M. E, J. C, D. P, D. WS.

Man of the Match: D. WS

Currently the School are 2nd in the league with 15 points: 5 games played and 4 games still left to play. The Lions are still doing incredibly well and making the school and PE staff very proud.