‘We WON’ - (Science stem challenge day)

We are proud to announce that three year 7 boys (the smallest group of the day) participated in a full day science stem event, at Bishop Challenor Catholic college, and won the competition, against seven mainstream schools.

Their brief, was to build a garden village, that would enhance the community’s health and well-being. The students used skills such as investigation, analysis, research, problem solving, creativity, innovation, reflection, self- management and team work, with tips from various representatives from industry. They had to choose one of five roles; an archaeologist, ecologist, developer, engineer and transport manager (two of the boys had two roles each). They then worked collaboratively to research, analyse, and choose a site, justify their choice, and then plan, design and calculate the cost according to a set of criteria. The final task was to name and build their village and give a presentation to judges.