5th March 2021


We are looking forward to seeing all our students next week and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you as parents and carers for your support during this period of time. We have loved the creativity you have shown in supporting your children at home and you should commend yourselves – thank you.

Many of our staff have received, or are about to receive, their first vaccinations against Coronavirus. It is also worth noting that children over the age of 16 with a learning disability or additional needs are eligible for the vaccine, as are the carers of those children. We would advise you check with your GP about your own personal circumstances.

Please remember to return your child’s lateral flow consent form in order for them to be tested upon their return to school, if they choose to do so. Information regarding this has already been shared with you, however, if you have any questions or would like further information please contact the school. The testing is carried out by our own staff who have been doing this for the last 8 weeks. The students are already familiar with them and the staff team will support them throughout the process.

A positive test result

If your child tests positive on the lateral flow test they will be isolated and we will ask parents/carers to collect them from school immediately. In line with the current guidance, students will be required to self-isolate at home for 10 days.

Wearing masks

The new guidance recommends that masks are worn in classrooms and not just in communal spaces.

Do Students need to wear masks?

The answer is yes, the guidance recommends that students wear masks in school unless they have an exemption.

We expect students to bring in their own masks. If students have forgotten, they can ask a member of staff who will ensure they have one for the day. Periods of time will be provided for students outside to enable them to remove their masks so that they are not wearing them all the time.

Further measures

We are ventilating our classrooms before the students arrive in the morning and heating will be turned up to ensure we have comfortable room temperatures.

To be clear pupils are expected to wear their masks unless they are outside or participating in PE lessons

We are aware that some parents may be concerned about their child wearing a face covering.  The same guidance for who should wear face coverings on public transport or in shops applies in school.  So, if any parent wishes for their child to be exempt from wearing a face covering they should contact the school in the first instance to advise us of their reasons for this decision.  This advice is due to be reviewed at Easter.


Thank you for your continued support. January 2021 was not the start any of us wished to have, myself included. I hope we see you all later in the year and show you our marvellous new build, all the amazing work the pupils have been doing and celebrate our Year 11’s as they engage in the next phase of their education.

Kind regards,

Kate Beale