Dear Parents/Carers,

Following a change to guidance in regard to increased local restrictions in Birmingham we wish to make you aware of the need for pupils and staff to wear a face mask in corridors and communal areas in school from tomorrow (Tuesday 15th September). Pupils must also wear a face mask on our home to school transport from this date.

We ask therefore that all pupils are equipped with a face mask for Tuesday 15th September and they understand the expectation that they will be asked to wear this when on the home to school transport, transitioning between lessons in corridors or queueing indoors. We will not be asking pupils to wear face masks in classrooms or in outdoor spaces where social distancing should be in place and followed.

These expectations will also apply to visitors to the school site. We ask that you are aware of this should you have to visit the school for any reason.

Please ensure the face masks the pupils wear are plain in colour and do not have any motifs. Pupils must follow the guidance for wearing face masks, which includes washing hands/sanitising them before putting them on and taking them off. They should also avoid touching their face whilst wearing a face mask. Pupils must not swap and wear another person’s face masks.

Nationally there are exemptions to wearing face masks, we will of course work to this guidance. Should you feel your child should be exempt from wearing a face mask, we ask that you contact the school so we can arrange for a conversation with an appropriate member of staff.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us to work within government guidance and in creating an environment which is as safe as possible.

Yours sincerely,



Miss Kay Reid

Executive Headteacher