All pupils are required to wear a school sweatshirt or Fleece which bears the school logo (colour dependent on their year group) with either a white polo shirt or T-shirt which bears the school logo alternatively a white shirt can be worn. (No hoodies or hooded jackets will be allowed)

Each year group has their own colour sweatshirt and this helps to promote both a strong sense of identity within each year group as well as within the school as a whole.


Uniform 2020/2021

  • KS2       - Royal Blue
  • Year 7   – Black
  • Year 8   – Navy
  • Year 9   – Burgundy
  • Year 10 – Grey
  • Year 11 – Royal Blue

This should be accompanied by black trousers (jeans and tracksuit bottoms are not permitted) and sensible footwear (trainers are permitted).


Please see attached for prices and sizes. Payments can be made via ParentPay or by calling school and making a card payment over the phone.


PE uniform:

All pupils will be provided with a T-shirt to wear in their PE lessons. Each pupil will have their own individual one provided for them. The school will launder these on a weekly basis and they will remain in school.