1. Lindsworth School provides a comprehensive careers programme for pupils covering a range of post 16 options that has seen an increase in the number of student going into higher education. The programme covers local colleges, Sixth form options and Apprenticeships. Pupils are supported in their careers education by a specialist career advice agency that comes into school once per week for meetings with pupils on a one to one basis. At risk pupils are given priority for this service but all year 11 pupils will be seen on numerous occasions before the leave the School.


  1. Pupils have access to a range of different post 16 application options for them. They also have access to Birmingham Careers Service that liaises with a post 16 coordinator to target pupils with personalised information required for their needs and aspirations. This also includes personalising conversations for support.


  1. Each pupil will be seen on numerous occasions by Birmingham Careers Service  specialising in careers and post 16 options. Teachers of all years will flag pupils who they deem to have low aspiration post 16 to the lead coordinator who can then place support such as 1:1 meetings or communication with parents/carers. All pupils will be given support in a dedicated weekly lesson to complete their applications and write a personal statement to assist them in the working world.


  1. All years have a curriculum that pushes high aspirations and promotes post 16 and career options. Careers are explained to pupils so each has an understanding of what their options are and what they may desire to explore more upon leaving Lindsworth School.


  1. All years have access to a range of careers experiences through speakers visiting the school and sharing their experiences and pathways into a wide variety of different workplaces.


  1. Pupils have a range of experiences of post-16 educations, for example they visit Mathew Boulton College, South and City College and other providers in the local area. A range of speakers will visit the school and speak with pupils across the year groups about their range of career options. Every November pupils in years nine, ten and eleven visit the Skills show at the NEC, the nation’s largest skills and careers show.  This provides pupils opportunity to speak with employers and training providers and participate in a number of ‘taster activities.’  


  1. Guidance to the pupils is highly personalised with pupils each being seen on a 1:1 basis by both their class teacher and outside careers agencies making sure they get the right information and support for their own careers development. Lessons are differentiated for pupils so pupils of all ages and abilities can be taught about careers and aspirations within the area.


  1. The school will continually measure and assess the impact of these actions to ensure our pupils are accessing the correct career pathways and the guidance they receive reflects this.  All pupils have a dedicated pathways mentor as they start college or enter the workplace to support their success to make this a successful transition.

Usefull Links

General careers

www.icould.com – videos of people talking about their jobs.

www.plotr.co.uk – information on a range of jobs.



Further Education and Training

www.getingofar.co.uk – find out more about apprenticeships.

www.ucasprogress.com – search for further education courses and work-based learning providers.



www.worksmart.org.uk – information on rights at work.

www.jobzoo.co.uk – CV and careers resources.

https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship - information on apprenticeships



Higher Education

www.ucas.com – advice and information on university courses.

www.direct.gov.uk/unistats - student satisfaction surveys to help you compare subjects and universities.

www.universitycompare.com - a comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings. 


Other useful information


www.ncsyes.co.uk – National Citizen Service programme, open to 15 to 17-year-olds to help build skills for work and life.

www.do-it.org.uk – search for volunteering opportunities.