As part of our ongoing work on building resilience in education and helping young people stay safe, we have organised an Assembly with Ray Douglas.

Raymond Douglas went in to youth work straight from school, having grown up in a community with high levels of crime, drugs and prostitution. He always felt the need to make a difference, rather than becoming a statistic. His philosophy is that – even though some young people are born in deprived areas and society has labelled them – given the opportunity, the majority of young people wouldn’t act out this self-fulfilling prophecy of a life of crime.

In his early twenties, he went on to qualify as an adult education teacher in order to gain a better understanding of the theory of learning and behavioural change. At this time, there was a very obvious rise in gangs and serious youth violence across the UK.

Raymond felt that traditional youth work was no longer fit for purpose to engage this social pandemic, which led him to launch Anti Youth Violence. This intervention aims to reduce the number of young people at risk of life-threatening behaviour relating to gun, gang and knife crime.

Anti-Youth Violence has been successfully delivered to young people throughout the UK.



Some work form one of our students :

I’ve got something to tell you.

We all want you to get better soon so that you can come back to school to continue to get your education. If you can get your education, then you can get a job and help your family. The dangers of knife crime and violence is that people who are a victim of it can get seriously injured and so can their families.

To prevent knife crime, we can all send a message towards the people who intend to commit knife crime by showing what happened to you as a result of knife crime. We all want to live without knife crime and with more peace so getting rid of knife crime is definitely a big thing.

Preventing knife crime is a big thing for ourselves and the community. The reason it is a big thing is that we all want to live in a peaceful environment without crimes and knife crimes around. When you live without crime and knife crime around it makes it safer for everyone around and the people who originally intended to commit such crimes.

When there isn’t a prevention of crimes and knife crimes people around feel uneasy and anxious about being in the city or area where it is present.