We had the pleasure of working with the well renowned charity “Show racism the Red Card”. Our pupils in Year six, seven and eight engaged in two workshops throughout the morning. Show Racism the Red Card  is the UK’s largest anti-racism educational charity. It was established in January 1996, thanks in part to a donation by then Newcastle United goalkeeper Shaka Hislop. In 1990s Newcastle, Shaka was at a petrol station near St James Park when he was confronted with a group of young people shouting racist abuse at him. After one of the group realised that they had been shouting at Shaka Hislop, the Newcastle United football player, they  came over to ask for an  autograph. It was from this experience that Shaka realised he could harness his status as a professional player to make a difference. Coupled with the power of football and his status as a role model, Shaka thought education could be an effective strategy in challenging racism in society. 


The workshop consisted of classroom based activities including discussions around stereotyping and terminology.  The aims were to:


  • To educate our pupils about the causes and consequences of racism and to

            explore what forms racism can take.

  • To empower pupils to challenge racism in the communities in which they

            live, providing them with relevant knowledge and information to enable them to do


  • To help our pupils prepare to play an active role as citizens in an increasingly

            multi-cultural society.

  • To enable our pupils to develop good relationships and respect the differences

            between people, regardless


The activities tied in very closely to the PSHE curriculum in Key Stage 3.

  • Knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens.
  • Developing skills of enquiry and communication.
  • Developing skills of participation and responsible action.