Physical Education KS4

The PE curriculum at Lindsworth School provides opportunity for all pupils to develop mentally, physically and socially. Pupils grow in confidence, acquire leadership skills and learn about lifelong healthy lifestyles and habits. 

At KS4 all pupils will study Entry Level PE as part of the curriculum. Pupils will study the application of skills to a variety of sporting activities. 
Topics covered at Key Stage 4:-

Autumn Term
Football, Basketball, Handball, Health Related Fitness, Table Tennis

Spring Term
Football, Basketball, Handball, Table Tennis, Cricket

Summer Term
Tennis, Athletics, Softball, Cricket

Options at Key Stage 4
GCSE YEAR 10 & 11

Specification and Topics covered at GCSE
Specification covers: Component 1 – Physical factors affecting performance, Component 2 – Socio-cultural issues  and sports psychology and Component 3 – Performance in physical education.

How will your child be assessed at GCSE? 

Four modules
•    Component 1 – 1 hour Theory Exam (30% of final mark)
•    Component 2 – 1 hour Theory Exam (30% of final mark)
•    Component 3 – Practical Assessment (3 activities) & Written Controlled Assessment (40% of final mark)