Music KS4

BTEC Level 1
There is 1 exam (unit 1 The Music Industry) and 3 coursework based units:
Unit 2 managing a music product
BTEC Level 2 is a pass is achieved in Level 1:
Unit 5 introducing music performance
Unit 7 introducing music sequencing

Pupils study the different organisations and job roles within the music industry in preparation for their BTEC Music examination. Pupils also produce coursework which showcases their performing, sequencing and rehearsal techniques. 

Pupils are encouraged to perform their pieces as often as possible in order to build their confidence. They will arrange an event at which they will perform as their final major project. This includes the planning, marketing and promotion for the event. Lastly, they will create a remix of an existing piece of music where they will have to document and showcase as many music sequencing skills as possible.