Mathematics KS4

Maths is delivered as a discrete subject as well as across the curriculum to pupils as one of our core subjects. Pupils have Maths lessons and study the national curriculum at KS3 and the GCSE/Entry Level at KS4. 

In Maths lessons, pupils develop their mathematical skills and ways of thinking, are equipped with a powerful set of tools including, logical reasoning, problem solving and the ability to think in an abstract way.

At KS4 pupils will sit the Edexcel GCSE foundation paper which has 3 exams. There are 2 calculator papers and 1 non calculator paper and these are externally assessed. Each paper is worth 33.3% of the overall marks.

Year 10 pupils will be sitting the OCR entry level paper in Maths and they can gain Entry level 1, 2 or 3. Pupils in year 10 will follow the GCSE curriculum. The entry level will be internal assessed and moderated and sent to the exam board for verification of the marks awarded.

Pupils are also challenged with Maths online resources to complete independently at any time during and outside of school hours. As a result it will enable pupils be more confident with problem solving skills to map the new Maths curriculum and we encourage families and carers to support us with this additional activity