History KS4

Paper 1: Thematic Study (Crime and Punishment) 1 hour 15 minutes
Paper 2: Period Study and British Depth Study (Henry VIII & Superpower relations and the Cold War) 1 hour 45 minutes
Paper 3: Modern Depth Study (Germany 1918 – 1939) 1 hour 20 minutes

GCSE History is an exciting course and we will be using Edexcel as our specification which focuses on a full breadth of history. Through the year lessons will be combined with directed teaching, independent research and in depth source analysis. 

Pupils will study a range of historical periods including:
•    Superpower relations and the Cold War (Modern World Study)
•    Hitler and Nazi Germany (World Depth Study)
•    Crime and Punishment through time including Crime in London (History of Location)
•    Henry VIII and his ministers  (British Depth Study)

Throughout the course pupils will develop key skills which colleges look for including:
•    Analysis
•    Evaluation
•    Debating
•    Written Communication

In Years 7, 8 and 9 these same skills are introduced and practised to ensure a solid foundation for GCSE studies. Content in KS3 ranges from the Romans through to the Renaissance to Rights of Women!