Physical Education KS3

The PE curriculum at Lindsworth School provides opportunity for all pupils to develop mentally, physically and socially. Pupils grow in confidence, acquire leadership skills and learn about lifelong healthy lifestyles and habits. 

Curriculum Key Stage 3
The aim of the new PE curriculum is to give pupils a direct pathway into GCSE PE in Year 10. As a department we have moved away from studying modules in individual sports. The new curriculum will be based around the areas of study in the OCR GCSE PE specification.

Each year group will study 6 practical modules over the course of a year. These modules will cover the specification for OCR GCSE PE. By the end of Year 9 pupils will have gained a basic understanding of a number of areas they will study if they opt to study GCSE at KS4.

Organising the curriculum in this way will allow us to offer a far broader selection of activities and sports to endeavour to engage all pupils in the curriculum. We will also be able to grade pupils against GCSE practical grading criteria so that they would have an understanding of this by the time they reach KS4 option selection.