At Lindsworth we place great importance on an English curriculum which develops our pupils.

English is mapped to include coverage of the national curriculum and prepares and equips pupils with the knowledge skills and understanding for life in modern Britain.  Our Curriculum is designed to challenge, engage and motivate in the hope that our learners progress academically and become successful, confident individuals.

Our English curriculum is ever changing and is planned according to the needs of our pupils.  This means that changes are constantly made depending on their pupils’ experiences and changing circumstances.


We aim to teach our pupils the range of skills as stated in the AQA assessment objectives.  Each scheme is developed making use of the Assessment Objectives (AOs) for reading, writing, speaking and listening.


We teach reading as a whole class from year 7 to 9 with a focus on understanding and applying reading skills (the writer’s craft).  Reading across the curriculum and reading for pleasure is an important part of our curriculum and one which we are implementing with the use of a class reader.

To implement our intent, lessons are engaging and follow a theme which is designed to interest, inform and inspire.


It is our hope that pupils leave Lindsworth school with an understanding of academic content and an understanding of how to be socially and culturally responsible and aware.  It is our hope that pupils will know how to make positive contributions to their community and how to be the best they can be.

Year 7

Skills focus – The writer’s use of language, narrative structure and engaging the audience.

Year 8

Skills focus – Narrative structure, Writer’s use of genre, writer’s use of character.

Year 9

Skills focus – Writing non-fiction texts, writing for a range of purposes, writer’s use of techniques.

The modern novel

The World’s Worst Children

The modern novel

 The Hunger Games

Writing non-fiction

Narrative structure

The Boy at the Back of the Class

Reading and Writing

 Science Fiction

Writing for purpose and

Story writing.

Narrative Writing



War poetry


Gothic Horror

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

(Gothic novel)




Who Dunnit?


Of Mice and Men




Year 10

An Inspector Calls

English Literature


English Literature


English Literature

Year 11

Poetry – Power and Conflict

English Language Paper 1

English Language paper 2


GSCE English Language breakdown is as follows:

Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing



  • written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • 80 marks
  • 50% of GCSE


Paper 2: Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives



  • written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • 80 marks
  • 50% of GCSE


GCSE English Literature breakdown as follows:



Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th-century novel


How it's assessed

  • written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • 64 marks
  • 40% of GCSE









Paper 2: Modern texts and poetry


How it's assessed

  • written exam: 2 hour 15 minutes
  • 96 marks
  • 60% of GCSE