Art Craft & Design KS3

In Art Craft and Design key skills are taught through projects in Key Stage 3 to build confidence and a solid foundation for GCSE level.

Students are instructed on techniques to develop and enhance a portfolio of work. They develop skills in the following disciplines:
•    Drawing and painting 
•    Mixed media
•    Textiles
•    Clay
•    Wood crafts 
•    Jewellery 
•    3d modelling

Students explore Art Craft and Design using 4 main assessment areas:

•    Assessment Objective 1-Development of Ideas
•    Assessment Objective 2-Refine ideas and experimentation with materials and processes.
•    Assessment Objective 3-Recording from observation
•    Assessment Objective 4-Present a personal, informed and meaningful response.

Gallery of work

Students in year 8, 9 & 10 have developed skills using 2d design and laser cutting to produce a Christmas light. During this project students demonstrated higher levels of motivation and determination to finish their lights to take home for Christmas. The final products were of a high quality and students felt extremely proud