Lindsworth School is always looking to provide an outstanding curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils.  Pupils develop a range of learning styles as a variety of teaching methods are implemented by staff, carefully planning to cater for all needs. We believe in developing pupils’ capacity to learn so they become more and more independent as they progress through the school. Pupils who understand how they learn and are engaged by subjects, achieve high levels of success. This principle underpins our teaching and learning across all subjects.


Pupils are supported to:

  • Embrace the learning opportunities we create for them.

  • Choose a pathway that builds upon their strengths, interests and ambitions.

  • Achieve a wide range of academic and Vocational qualifications.

  • Develop their skills and talents.


At KS3 pupils have a broad and balanced program which follows the National Curriculum and allows them to craft and build particular strengths, special interests and talents in meaningful ways in preparation for KS4.

At KS4 each pupil is able to personalise their pathway and we offer a variety of accredited courses including GCSE and Vocational options. In Year 10 the pupils choose two subjects which they have an interest and strength in. The first is a one year course and the second is a two year course. In Year 11 the pupils can then choose a third option which is a one year course. In Year 11 they can choose from either academic courses or an extensive range of Vocational courses. The majority of the academic curriculum is delivered at school but many pupils in Year 11 spend a day each week following Vocational courses at nearby Alternative Providers or colleges using specialist resources.

Lindsworth School is mindful of the need to be flexible at times, hence the menu of the traditional and Vocational programmes used. Sometimes, individual needs require exceptional arrangements, in order to re-engage a pupil in learning and attending school.

We believe our curriculum creates confident individuals with a sense of self-worth, secure values and beliefs which leaves them open to the excitement and inspiration offered by the world around them.