Dear Parents and Carers


Link to mailed letter [ COVID-19 UPDATE – JULY 2021 ]


The Delta variant of COVID 19 has increased in numbers in Birmingham and numbers are rising rapidly.  ‘Birmingham is to get extra support ‘rapidly’ to help cope with this surge in Delta variant cases.  There will be extra testing and new capacity in the vaccination programme’.


We need to play our part in helping minimise the spread of the virus.


The Government is asking schools to test all secondary aged pupils in school on their return during their first week in September 2021.  This will involve two tests approximately 3-5 days apart.  The tests will be supervised by fully trained staff.  The tests are quick and easy using a swab of the throat and nose or just the nose.


If you previously signed a written consent form, then we will presume that you still consent to your child taking part in the on-site testing.  Please contact school if this is no longer the case. 


If you wish to give consent then please :

- complete the consent form by clicking on the link

- or by filling out the form and returning to the school [ COVID-19 Consent agreement notice and form.docx 



We would be grateful if you could submit your consent forms by Tuesday 20th July 2021.


As this new variant is 60% more transmissible, we must encourage all pupils to take part.  1 in 3 people with COVID 19 do not have symptoms but can still infect others; this is why testing is vital in detecting the virus and stopping its spread. So please speak to your child about the importance of testing.


All pupils can take part in testing.  If they are nervous or reluctant just let us know and will offer them extra support.


We can all play our part in keeping our school a safe place to be and for us all to enjoy together.


Kate Beale