Welcome to Lindsworth School a provision in which all staff work together to support pupils develop their academic and social skills whist encouraging growth in their emotional and mental health well-being. We are a staff team who have high expectations of each and every pupil who attend, inspiring them to achieve success to support them in the next phase of their education, training or employment. We are committed to creating well rounded individuals and believe that in order to do this, we must adopt the philosophy that “One size fits NONE”.  We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which provides pupils with a wealth of opportunities to expand their experiences. Individualisation is a key focus in all aspects of school life from individualised lessons to behaviour targets and intervention packages for those requiring extra support.

We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years with pupils, parents and a variety of external agencies and this has strengthened the collaborative work and the provision on offer to our pupils.

As a whole school we constantly reflect on our practices and use this to focus improvement and drive initiatives which will enhance the provision. This has taken us through a range of notable achievements such as improving teaching and learning, securing a “Good” from Ofsted and federating with Springfield House School. The federation will enable us to explore ways to further develop the offer in both schools.

All the pupils who attend our school are unique however one key factor we believe they all have in common is “they are all capable of amazing things” and at Lindsworth we create an aspirational culture to facilitate this, where success is celebrated.

We hope you find the website information informative, if you do require any further please do not hesitate to contact us.

Executive Headteacher

Kay Reid


23/03/2020 : Dear Parents and Carers

We spoke to each parent/carer on Friday to determine whether you are able to accommodate your child at home during the school closures or whether you are a key worker or due to vulnerabilities of your child they need a place at school as alternative child care arrangements are not available to you.

For those accommodating pupils at home:

If on Friday you stated that you were able to accommodate your child at home please do not send them into school. If your circumstances change ie you become a key worker, please phone the school and ask to speak to a member of the SLT to determine whether we have the capacity to have your child in school. Home learning packs have been sent home along with a list of useful websites to help you to support your child’s learning during this time.

For those who require a place at school:

For those who will be attending I wish to clarify that our school will not be able to offer the timetable and teaching your child would usually receive. They will not follow their usual timetable and may be working with staffs that are less familiar to them. Also, partly due to staff constraints, we will be operating on a reduced day. Pupils will attend from 10am – 1.30pm. In addition we have reduced the footprint of the school so tomorrow morning when pupils arrive they should go to the following class areas:

Year 7 – JC building

Year 8 – Dennis Lewis building

Year 9 – Gylnn Purnell building (catering room)

Year 10 – Art room

Once they arrive the pupils will meet the staff team who will be working with them this week. During the school day the pupils will be given a half hour lunchbreak and will have the option of hot/cold food as usual. All pupils attending should wear their school uniform. If your child usually has medication at the start of the day can you please ensure this is administered at home before they come to school. All pupils attending will be expected to follow our usual rules and procedures and should attend school ready to engage in the learning and activities in a positive manner.

Throughout the school day we will be asking the pupils to wash their hands, this will include when they first arrive in school. This is in line with the Department of Public Health advice regarding frequent hand washing.


If your child presents symptoms whilst at school you will be called and must collect your child as a matter of urgency.


Birmingham’s position that we support the phased reopening of schools only when it is safe to do so and also emphasises the need for risk assessments.

Please find below a statement from the Leader of the Council, Cllr Ian Ward, Cabinet Member for Children’s Wellbeing Cllr Kate Booth and Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture Cllr Jayne Francis. This document reinforces Birmingham’s position that we support the phased reopening of schools only when it is safe to do so and also emphasises the need for risk assessments.


This has been published on the council website at https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/news/article/618/statement_on_re-opening_of_birmingham_schools.


And also available here : 1134tr-Reopening-of-Schools.pdf

Useful Covid 19 information and contacts for parents May 2020

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