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If your child presents symptoms whilst at school you will be called and must collect your child as a matter of urgency.

Welcome to Lindsworth School a provision in which all staff work together to support pupils develop their academic and social skills whist encouraging growth in their emotional and mental health well-being. We are a staff team who have high expectations of each and every pupil who attend, inspiring them to achieve success to support them in the next phase of their education, training or employment. We are committed to creating well rounded individuals and believe that in order to do this, we must adopt the philosophy that “One size fits NONE”.  We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which provides pupils with a wealth of opportunities to expand their experiences. Individualisation is a key focus in all aspects of school life from individualised lessons to behaviour targets and intervention packages for those requiring extra support.

We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years with pupils, parents and a variety of external agencies and this has strengthened the collaborative work and the provision on offer to our pupils.

As a whole school we constantly reflect on our practices and use this to focus improvement and drive initiatives which will enhance the provision. This has taken us through a range of notable achievements such as improving teaching and learning, securing a “Good” from Ofsted and federating with Springfield House School. The federation will enable us to explore ways to further develop the offer in both schools.

All the pupils who attend our school are unique however one key factor we believe they all have in common is “they are all capable of amazing things” and at Lindsworth we create an aspirational culture to facilitate this, where success is celebrated.

We hope you find the website information informative, if you do require any further please do not hesitate to contact us.

Executive Headteacher

Kay Reid


Intention to dissolve the Federation of Springfield House School & Lindsworth School on 19.10.20.

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Springfield House School & Lindsworth School

The purpose of this letter is to notify you of our intention to dissolve the Federation of Springfield House School (SHS) & Lindsworth School (LWS) on 19.10.20.

In March 2020, SHS were disappointed to receive an ‘Inadequate’ judgement following its Ofsted inspection.

Since then, we have been focussed on putting together a plan to help SHS improve and have decided that a critical part of that is to provide more focussed governance.  With this in mind, we intend to dissolve the Federation between SHS & LWS on 19.10.20. This means that two new Governing Boards will be established with each having responsibility for only one school.

If you have any comments or queries on the plan to dissolve the Federation please forward them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 9.00 on Friday 9th October 2020. 

Yours sincerely,


Julie Walker – Chair of Governors


Face masks

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following a change to guidance in regard to increased local restrictions in Birmingham we wish to make you aware of the need for pupils and staff to wear a face mask in corridors and communal areas in school from tomorrow (Tuesday 15th September). Pupils must also wear a face mask on our home to school transport from this date.

We ask therefore that all pupils are equipped with a face mask for Tuesday 15th September and they understand the expectation that they will be asked to wear this when on the home to school transport, transitioning between lessons in corridors or queueing indoors. We will not be asking pupils to wear face masks in classrooms or in outdoor spaces where social distancing should be in place and followed.

These expectations will also apply to visitors to the school site. We ask that you are aware of this should you have to visit the school for any reason.

Please ensure the face masks the pupils wear are plain in colour and do not have any motifs. Pupils must follow the guidance for wearing face masks, which includes washing hands/sanitising them before putting them on and taking them off. They should also avoid touching their face whilst wearing a face mask. Pupils must not swap and wear another person’s face masks.

Nationally there are exemptions to wearing face masks, we will of course work to this guidance. Should you feel your child should be exempt from wearing a face mask, we ask that you contact the school so we can arrange for a conversation with an appropriate member of staff.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us to work within government guidance and in creating an environment which is as safe as possible.

Yours sincerely,



Miss Kay Reid

Executive Headteacher