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Mission Statement
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"At Lindsworth School we believe that every child matters.
Our aim is for pupils to have the support they need to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.
We believe that this can be achieved through consistency, high care standards and the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum."

Within education everyone has the need and indeed the right to be given the opportunity to develop their intellectual, social and physical skills to the highest level they are able to achieve.

Every pupil now shares the right to a broad and balanced curriculum including the National Curriculum. All people should have the chance to establish satisfactory social and working relationships by understanding, empathising with and relating to peers and other members of the community.
Lindsworth accepts pupils who have failed in one or all of these areas of development and our role is to provide an environment which will help them readjust, regain or build self esteem and be able to claim their place in society.
The following aims of this school are meant to create a framework within which we may shape our objectives to achieve this.

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