Opening Doors

Birmingham museams will be holding early morning openings for families with children on the Autistic Spectrum

The museums will be opening early for you and you family to explore in a quiet and welcoming environment

morning explorers

School & Police Advisory Letter for Parents

Dear Parents/Carers

Police and schools in the city are committed to working together to protect our young people from becoming victims of knife and weapons crime.

We use a range of tactics including educational inputs and in-school searches to ensure that students are well-informed about the consequences of carrying weapons, and identify those that continue to do so.

It is important that the police, schools and families work together to protect young people. To do this, parents must be aware of the warning signs and talk to children about carrying weapons. The consequences of being found in possession of a knife are serious and long lasting, affecting education, employment and travel opportunities, but most crucially, life.

Some young people carry weapons because they feel it will provide protection or increase the respect they are given by their friends, but the sad fact is that they are more likely to become victims of serious violence.

Parents should also be aware that girls sometimes carry or store weapons for their boyfriends or other male friends because they believe they are less likely to be stopped by the police. Their reasons are often misguided loyalty or love, but it is still a crime if they are caught carrying a knife or other weapon.

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Start of new Term 2017/18

The school will open for students on the 7th September 2017

We look forward to a productive new term

Year 5 to 11 Proposal

Dear parents/carers

During the last year we have had two classes of year 5 and year 6 children from Springfield House on the Lindsworth site, as Springfield House was full.

We are now proposing that from January 2018, these classes become a permanent part of Lindsworth School and, therefore, we intend to lower the age range of the school. To do this we are required to consult with families of our current children. Please see below for full documentation.

We do not expect this change to have any impact on your child's education and you do not have to take any further action, unless you wish to do so.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Yours sincerely

Janet Collins : Executive Headteacher

Kay Reid : Head of School

Please download the following for full details of draft proposal :
Lindsworth SOT10114 - consultation document draft_v5.3 17-06-29


South Area Network Art Exhibition


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